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Keley Uh

1155 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor, New York NY 10036
Phone:(646) 262-2233
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Kelsey Uh is a principal of EmpireLux LLC. and focuses on commercial real estate investment, financing and advisory services.

She specializes in Joint Venture partnership placements for commercial and residential real estate development and capital market, as well as partnership buyout approaches in major cities and prime submarkets in the U.S.

She works with many lenders that can provide highly leveraged financing at favorable interest rates for commercial real estate developments.

Kelsey’s entry into the commercial real estate industry is not her first step into business. Her journey started with a career that she pursued in an organization where she researched and promoted international investments. After building her successful career at Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan, she started and ran her own line of business and supplied nationwide. She has been in the real estate industry since 2006.

She is strong in finding & analyzing deals and has vast network with developers and investors in New York and the U.S. 

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